The race is on to evacuate people from an increasingly inhospitable Earth. Players gather and spend political capital, money, and resources to build spacecrafts and space colonies for their citizens. Whoever transports their population to space first wins!

Space colonies on the ring board orbit the Earth board throughout the game. Each round, starting with the Chair of the International Consortium on Global Evacuation (ICGE), players choose Actions to gather resources. The R&D, Mine, Tax, and Campaign Actions help you accumulate the Synthetics, Ore, Currency, and Political Capital you will need to use the Build and Transport Actions.

Build Colonies, Shuttles, and Space Elevators and then transport your people to safety. Along the way, environmental and geopolitical hazards create opportunities for collaboration or sabotage.

See video below.

2-6 players, 60-90 minutes

Sell Sheet Evacuate!