The Last Tide

Published by Doomsday Robots; target release 2022.

In The Last Tide, you and your friends are the ocean. As one of the world’s 5 oceans, you will work cooperatively with the other oceans to contend with threats to your marine life and your coral reefs. You’ll face overfishing, thermal stress, and even oil spills. But you will work together using your powerful currents to recover from the damage. If you can make the ocean healthy before the last whale goes extinct, you win.

The game features accessible, easy-to-learn rules and simple mechanics, so that players new to the hobby are not overwhelmed, yet there’s enough strategy to keep gamers engaged. Mechanics include a unique “toxin tower” with eye-catching table presence, set collecting, and group consensus building, and the interactive nature of each action has play testers consistently feeling as though they’ve had twice as many turns as they’ve had.

Available for play testing / demos on Tabletop Simulator.

1-5 players, 45-75 minutes

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