Hello and thank you for visiting David Gordon Game Design!

Building games is a joy, a process that combines elements from many of my passions. Inventing environments and experiences for players in games activates the creative expression I used in my music composition days. Crafting, honing, and applying strategies and tactics draws on my chess, poker, and billiards background. Iterating worlds, from pieces to boards, employs tactile skills from my model train building experience. And writing clear and concise rules makes use of my years of teaching and writing manuals and workbooks for my tutoring business, Pinnacle Prep (www.pinnacleprep.com).

Currently I’m pitching several games to publishers. I will post news here if / when games are signed. Here’s a nice review of two of my games at a conference: review! And here’s a wonderful blog post about my games by my good friend Phil Amylon: post!

Here is a list of my games (clicking on the links brings you to pages with more info):

A school of large fish is hunting you. Your only way out is up the waterfall. Get the most of your school of gobies to safety to win. 3-2-1 Goby! is a light, family push your luck game, co-designed by TAM and Elene Fengometidis. (2-8 players, 30-40 minutes, ages 10+)

You are a trader at A Most Peculiar Market. Bid carefully and strategically to acquire some of the strangest items at this marketplace for eccentrics. Then sell your fascinations on the black market for profit – whoever earns the most wins. (2-6 players, 30-45 minutes)

These aliens are obsessed with voting! Agents of Commerce, you are a corporate operative on an alien planet with a single mission: earn your company the most money. Pressure the locals to set market prices, mine your resources, and enact new laws in your favor; then fulfill orders for profit. (2-6 players, 60-90 minutes)

In this short, light, family / party game, everyone wins – except whoever comes in last. Bear!, a co-design with TAM and signed by Featherstone Games, features yomi and meaningful tactical decisions, as you try to outmaneuver your opponents – knowing you don’t have to win, just avoid losing.

Bucket List - graphic illustration of board game

In Bucket List, you’re a tycoon! Along came CMC (Clone Manufacturing Corporation), your source for clones to take your place while you check items off your bucket list. Whoever enjoys their experiences the most wins the game! (2-5 players, 30-60 minutes)

Build your unique fantastical civilization (Atlantean, Undead, Mythic, Trees) alongside your opponent; construct 3 Wonders or build an abundance of Acclaim to win. CIVS, a 1v1 light-medium card-based tableau builder, is a co-design with TAM and signed by Talon Strikes Studios.

Ever want to be in more than one place at a time? The more wacky businesses you invest in, from the See-through Sock Shop to the Gum Cafe, the more you you’ll need. Luckily, in CloneCity you can copy yourself and put your other selves to work! (2-5 players, 30-60 minutes)

You and your friends will deliberate about which great artworks will be sold to a museum, to an art collector, or be donated to the Dodo Resurrection Society in the social deduction game, Con Artist. (4-10 players, 30-45 minutes)

You are an architect of galaxies, competing to make the most beautiful galaxy in the universe. Change universal parameters, such as gravity and the speed of light — bend them at your will, as you add stars, supernovae, and nebulae. Crafting The Cosmos, a 2-5 player medium-weight game, is a co-design with TAM.

The World Endangered Species Organization (WESO) wants to find homes for the most endangered animals in the world. Compete to make the best proposal by building habitats that help these Endangered Animals thrive in your sanctuary. This light-weight, gateway game co-designed by Jonathan Gilmour plays 2-6 players in 20-40 minutes.

The race is on to evacuate people from the increasingly inhospitable Earth. Players lead coalitions of nations to acquire resources and build spacecrafts and colonies for their citizens. The mission is simple: Evacuate! Get as many people as possible to safety before the Earth becomes uninhabitable! (2-6 players, 60-90 minutes)

Extraction is a thrilling, real-time experience, in which opposing teams are either fighting for justice to prosecute a known criminal or working together to free an innocent friend.(4-10 players (2-3 poss but not developed), 12 minutes)

Lost in a post-apocalyptic world, you and your team of survivors have hitched a ride with a convoy en route to a mythical Utopia. Build the strongest, smartest, and savviest team to win and ensure that mistakes of the past aren’t be repeated. Finding Utopia is a co-design with Jon Gilmour. (2-4 players, 90 minutes, ages 12+)

You’re a mad scientist trying to make monsters. Find arms, legs, eyes, and teeth, and build up your lab in the fast-paced, press-your-luck, bag-building competition, Making Monsters. Co-designed with Jon Gilmour and signed by Astoria Games.

You and your friends & family will be making hilarious music in no time with Percussion Eruption. Even if you’ve never played music of any kind, you’ll feel comfortable speaking your lines in rhythm, and if you’re a seasoned musician, you’ll find challenge and intrigue, as the group combines into colorful tapestries of sound. (3+ players, 15+ minutes)

Penguins are so pushy! Especially when they make their way to the ocean. You’ll jockey for position as you approach the water in this race to the sea. However, an Orca circles, and whoever it catches first is eliminated – so whoever finishes 2nd in this race is the winner! Push Push Penguins is triple co-designed by Chris Chan, David Gordon, and TAM. (2-6 players, 10-20 minutes, ages 6+)

Complete in the grandest race in the galaxy in the light, gateway game, Rocket Racers, designed by David Gordon and Jonathan Gilmour. Fly close to black holes, slingshot aroun d planets, and navigate nebulae, careful to spend your energy efficiently. (2-6 players, 40-60 minutes, ages 10+)

Sea Lab, co-designed with Jon Gilmour, is a light-weight, family, yomi game with lots of tactical choices. You are researchers in a lab at the bottom of the ocean. You will take turns choosing where to explore, and other players will try to guess where you are going, so they can join the mission. Whoever completes the best research projects wins. (2-5 players, 30-50 minutes)

Welcome to the land of Ultimus Victor! It’s the high middle ages. The benevolent King who ruled from Midlen Castle has passed away, and he has no rightful heirs. Lead a quest to amass the largest army, win the Final War, and become Ultimus Victor. (2-6 players, 45-90 minutes)

Everyone has uh-oh moments, but guess what?! You have magic unicorns! Use your magic unicorns to help your friends in Unicorns & Puppies, a fully cooperative game for kids and families. (2-5 players, 15-30 minutes, ages 6+)

In The Last Tide, you are an ocean! In this cooperative game, you will face overfishing, thermal stress, pollution, and acidification, but work together to recover using your powerful currents and sending messages to humans. If you can make the world’s ocean blue before the last tide, you win! Signed by Doomsday Robots.

In White Hat, you are a white hat hacker working for a journalist, who is trying to expose corruption in the government. You’ll use your hacking skills to steal data from government hardware, software, networks, and social engineering. Co-designed with Jon Gilmour.

Birth of Monsters: 2042 Alien Attack! (co-design with Jon Gilmour)
Space Bout (co-design with Jon Gilmour)
The Last Branch (sequel to The Last Tide)
Party Game (co-design with Jon Gilmour and Gil Hova)

I’m The Road
Inle (co-design with TAM)
Riot (co-design with TAM)
Saga (co-design with Jon Gilmour & TAM)
Serial Killer (co-design with Jon Gilmour)
Snakes vs. Humans (co-design with Jon Gilmour & TAM)
Thalassaphobia (co-design with Jon Gilmour)

Boring. [a trick-taking game that puts thrill into waiting – yes, waiting in line at the DMV, waiting in traffic, waiting for tech support. You never knew being bored could be such a blast!]
Genetic Drift
Let’s Build a Sandcastle (co-design with Jon Gilmour)
Let’s Go to the Aquarium (co-design with Jon Gilmour)
Natar (light-weight prequel to O.D.D.) (co-design with Jon Gilmour)
Phion 9
Raise It!
Tempo a Venezia!
WonderLed (co-design with Lucas Kohn)

I’m so thrilled to have the opportunity to devote my time to making games, and I’m very proud to have worked on ideas for about 60 games in the last 4 years.

I have so many people to thank for supporting, helping, and tolerating me in this pursuit. First and foremost, thank you Jen, Ben, and Ari Gordon. Your patience is immeasurable, and your incredible ideas, insight, and ingenuity are consistently invaluable! You and the following people have been so helpful, bravely play testing games that often weren’t quite ready yet!

 • Jonathan Gilmour

• Tam Myaing

• Gil Hova and the entire NYC-Playtest group (in particular Tam Myaing, Chris Chan, Daniel Newman, Orion McClelland, Scott Gratien, Rocco Privetera, Catherine Stippell, Spencer McCormick, and Aaron Wilson)

• The online community of designer play testing groups, including Remote Playtesting, Heavy Championship Playtesting, and Virtual Play Testing. Thank you for providing such helpful feedback, especially from Bryn Smith, Phil Amylon, Fertessa Allyse, Chris Backe, Andrea Pincombe, Ryan Horricks, Jack Rosetree, Max Seidman (and for your invaluable tech support and scripting!), Andy Juell, and so many others

• Joshua Hilson (my brother)

• The Pinnacle Prep team members I’ve wrangled into testing (in particular, Megan Williams, Dhaya Ramarajan, Myles Heffernan, Dennis Corsi, Cici Ogden, Corinne Wilkinson, Sadi Mosko, Chad Small, Forrest Cardamenis, Lydia Gallant, Maggie Langhorne, Lizz Brady)

• Friends who’ve endured some rough testing Simon Ying and Emilie Deschamps, Emily Wong, Amanda Cooper, Amy Meckler, Josh Gaylord

• Others in the industry who have supported my designs and provided invaluable play testing and feedback include Jamey Stegmaier, Danielle Reynolds, Ian Moss, Lucas Kohn, Carolyn Stallard, and Joe Bisz

• All the publishers who have signed my games (listed with the games above)!

• My parents Ron Gordon, Sallie Gordon, Danielle Hilson, and Doug Hilson

and so many other friends and family.