Con Artist

Con Artist is a social deduction game centered around great artworks. Players discuss and decide which art is sold, but they must be careful because some of the art is fake!

You and your friends, a panel of expert curators, collectors, and critics, are responsible for distributing a collection of great artworks to a museum, an art collector, and a nonprofit organization. But there’s a problem: the manager of the auction house is actually a criminal Mastermind, and someone in your group is a Counterfeiter!

Con Artist can be played in 30-45 minutes and is for 4-10 players. Like many social deduction games, it features simple, straightforward rules, is highly interactive, and allows for varied strategies ensuring high re-playability. Unlike many social deduction games, Con Artist does not have player elimination, there are multiple teams with overlapping goals (instead of two opposing teams), and it provides some educational content in art history.

4-10 players, 30-45 minutes

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