Agents of Commerce

In Agents of Commerce, you are a corporate operative on an alien planet with a single mission: earn your company the most money. Pressure the locals to set market prices, mine your resources, and enact new laws in your favor; then fulfill orders for profit. (2-6 players, 60-90 minutes)

Agents of Commerce is a medium weight economic efficiency game, in which you and your alien competitors have targeted a resource rich planet. Whoever can best navigate the politics and turn the most profit will be the winner.

Agents of Commerce features simultaneous action with several strategic options. You can influence market pricing, mining yields, and provisional legislation, and you will upgrade the tools at your disposal, making you stronger and stronger as the game goes on. With all that, the rules are still quite simple, and play testers respond with frequent requests to play again.

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2-6 players, 60-90 minutes

Agents of Commerce Sell Sheet