Bucket List

You’re a tycoon! You’ve been quite successful, but life isn’t all about work, and you have an impressive bucket list. Along came CMC (Clone Manufacturing Corporation)! CMC auctions clones and trains them to take your place while you check items off your bucket list. CMC also auctions experience packages to its clientele. Outbid your opponents to take advantage of this opportunity. Whoever enjoys their experiences the most wins the game!

Bucket list is a family-friendly, gateway game with easy to learn and accessible rules. It has several strategic options that boost re-playability, keeping gamers engaged. The light, humorous flavor text enhances experience,  the unique blind auction system maintains suspense, and increasing tension creates overall arc that keeps all players in contention throughout.

Play tests available on Tabletop Simulator.

2-5 players, 30-60 minutes

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