Ultimus Victor

Welcome to the land of Ultimus Victor! It’s the High Middle Ages. The benevolent King who ruled from Midlen Castle has passed away, and he has no rightful heirs. Lead a quest to win control of the kingdom! Overcome local rebellions, navigate intensive skirmishes with opponents, and avoid the plague and famine as you march to the castle. Try to amass the largest army, win the final war, and become Ultimus Victor!

During the game, you will march from your home castle through 10 territories on the way to Midlen Castle, where you will collide in a great, final war with all of other players. Each round, you will choose either to Barter or to Battle. If you Barter, your diplomats will go into the next territory to negotiate, and you will find many locals eager to join you. However, if you Battle, you will conquer the territory and forcibly enlist local soldiers – as a result, fewer will join your cause, but you will have the time to train your legion and acquire more local specialists.

On your march, you will face off in Skirmishes with opponents, where you will experience the fruits of Alliance or the sting of Betrayal. After completing 10 rounds, all players converge in the Final War at Midlen Castle. Before the climactic clash, you will put your legion into formation, send your Clergy out to in an effort to convert your opponents’ soldiers, rally your Knights to the cause, and arm your Artillery. Once you are ready, your armies will charge! Whoever has the most powerful force at the very end is crowned ULTIMUS VICTOR!

Ultimus Victor’s clear, straightforward rules and mechanics appeal to a wide audience, including both new and experienced strategy gamers.

now revised to 2-6 players, 45-90 minutes

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